Your Guide To Becoming a Badass Consultation Call GURU

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    Hey There!

    I'm thrilled to share this amazing tool with you! I've spent the last 6 YEARS perfecting the consultation call and thus building the badass private pay practice of my dreams! We ALL know building a successful practice means potential clients need to be consistently converted to paying clients. BUT, I want to take it a step further! To build a BADASS practice, clients need to be invested in us from the very first contact! They need to know, like, and trust us from the initial "Hello!"

    Well I GOT YOU! This guide is the answer!

    Your Guide to Becoming a Badass Consultation Call Guru

    This is a comprehensive tool with detailed steps, specific language, and pro tipcs for filling your practice with your ideal clients and creating the business you've been longing for.

    You Will Get:

    • Pointers for getting your mindset right

    • Language to use when clients call inquiring about services

    • Strategies to handle questions about fees, even when you don't take insurance

    • Answers to commonly asked questions from potential clients

    • And much more....

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